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We’ve invested years in research and development to create world-class male stainless steel chastity devices. We’re dedicated to providing a unique, custom-tailored experience. Each device is handcrafted to your precise specifications, ensuring unmatched comfort and security through our innovative design features – all at an affordable price. Experience the fusion of craftsmanship and innovation with our world-class, custom-made chastity devices.

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Custom-Made Metal Male Chastity Devices

We provide some of the finest custom-made male chastity devices the world has to offer. With a decade of experience working directly with customers, we ensure that your device fits perfectly. Each device is meticulously hand-crafted, keeping your specifications in mind, for an unparalleled level of quality. Our exceptional customer service, coupled with masterful craftsmanship, ensures all your needs are covered with precision and care without the weight of a hefty price tag.

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Plastic Rings​

How To Get YOUR Device:


Place an order for Plastic Sizing Rings and follow the enclosed directions to ensure the best possible fit for your custom-built device.


When you’ve found your measurements, place an order for the device of your choice using the sizes and specifications you found using your Plastic Sizing Rings.


After your device is delivered, enjoy your life in chastity with the most comfortable chastity devices on the market.

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Custom-made devices which are not only made to your measurements, but built to last a lifetime.

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