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Plastic Sizing Rings

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If you are unsure as to what size to order we have new plastic sizing rings. Our Plastic Sizing Rings are round, not oval, but you will get the same accurate measurement. They are the same thickness as the rings that come with our custom-made devices. The Plastic Sizing Rings are yours to keep! Instructions for measurement are included.

The 9 Plastic Sizing Rings range from 1 1/8″ – 2 1/8″.

Please note: The rings you will receive will be black.


Delivery is free within the US. Shipping will be added for international orders.

2 reviews for Plastic Sizing Rings

  1. Kahl

    Excellent for finding exactly what size is needed for a chastity cage. My sub did his own measurements based off of several sites, which proved inaccurate when he tried these rings. Excellent idea!!!

  2. jouet

    I have very sensitive parts due to an unfortunate accident in my past. I feel pain with just about any ball-trapped device on but this kit is allowing me to try the rings for several hours to see how I do throughout the day… including when i’m seated, walking, flaccid, hard, etc. I’ve thrown numerous non-custom chastity devices away because with time i found them all to be painful. This kit is allowing me to try all sizes so i can optimize my comfort.

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