Mature Metal

How do I get my vanilla wife to put me in chastity? Meet MRS. Mature Metal.


How do I get my wife or girlfriend to be my chastity keyholder?
How do I tell my partner I want to be put in chastity?
I want some kink in our relationship, how can I get my wife to be kinky?

These are just some of the most popular questions from our listeners and callers.

Today, you’ll hear from a woman who went from being, in her own words, VERY vanilla to now the chastity Mistress of Mature Metal chastity cages.

Meet Mrs. Mature Metal and learn:

** Her reaction when her husband told her he was going to make custom chastity cages as a business.
** What her husband did to spark her curiosity about chastity.
** How SHE feels about putting her husband in chastity.
** What she likes about a locking cock ring and the role of edging in tease and denial.

The ladies all discuss things that work and do NOT work when trying to inspire a woman to get out of her sexual comfort zone.

Ms Erika warns about kink dumping your partner. Ms Olivia says women are like cats (not just because we have a pussy).

This is a candid conversation about sex, kink and intimacy from the woman’s point of view. If you’re kinky and trying to get your partner into BDSM, kink or chastity play this is the episode for you!


Ms Olivia’s blog:

Ms Erika’s blog:

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